Hello, I am Ali from pakistan today I am going to be telling you about how to get started with python for Web Development. How to Install Python and Django. It is very essential to learn python in this generation because python is very easy to learn and anyone can learn and implement it.

Alright, so where were we… Oh yeah, the title says about web development, ok so there a web framework called Django written in python so, in this blog, I will be telling you guys about how easy is it to make a good web application with Django.

Let’s get started!

How to Install Python and Django?

So Django right? Django is python web development framework in which you can make web applications like e-commerce/blog site and much more it comes with his own template system called Jinja and it very easy to get started with Django. 

What do I have to know?

Well to get started with Django, you must have knowledge about python because Django is for python right. I already told you so, you must know Python.  Ok cool 

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I don’t know python?

Well if you don’t have any knowledge about python so I recommend you to learn python from Youtube/Udemy and there are many more sites available on google and completely free… I already have great PDF for python so my recommendation for you to click on the link below and learn python.

Python course

I learned python!!

Congratulations you just learned python, anyway so let’s get started with Django .. yes! I am so excited to tell you the amazing features of Django

Features of Django!


As you know everyone hates slow loading sites but let me tell you Django is freaking fast as it can load your application in just a second.. Doesn’t matter how many pictures are on your site.


Yes security is very essential for your site because some hackers might enter your site and destroy everything but they can’t now because we have Django, Django comes with his own security, I mean SQL injection might be hard. However, it helps developers avoid many common security mistakes.


Hmm, I won’t write much here. But Django has the ability to quickly and flexibly scale.

How to install Python and Django?

So, to download python click Here and I hope you know how to install python.

Once you get done with installing python, just open your windows PowerShell 

And do as the GIF below says..

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